Installation: Olympic Unity

“Olympic Unity” is a visual representation of the role the modern Olympic Games have played in unifying people from different backgrounds. In a series of nine posters, I represented stories of Olympic unity in the styles of the various Olympic graphics systems. One of the main goals of the Olympic Games is to unite athletes from all over the world in a competition that promotes sportsmanship and respect.


Throughout the last 122 years of the modern Games, there have been countless examples of solidarity displayed between competitors. I think it is important to highlight this spirit of unity that still exists, especially in a time as divisive as this. In the same way that sports have the ability to unite, art is a universal language that brings people together. The Olympics have a rich history of art through graphic design, including logos, posters, signage, uniforms, and more. I chose to display the topic of Olympic Unity in a series of posters because they have been a tradition of the Olympics since 1922. Each poster tells a different story while referencing the distinct graphics styles of their respective Games. Some Olympics have shared similar graphics styles, while others are entirely unique.


Additionally, there have been some Olympic Games that have demonstrated a great deal of sportsmanship and unity, whereas others have been marked by cheating, terrorism, and conflict; despite the negative events that have taken place at some Games, an attitude of solidarity between athletes has not dissipated. Through this exhibition I hoped to show the evolving graphics systems of the Olympics, as well as the spirit of unity that has persisted since the first modern Games.